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About EMAQ+

History of EMAQ+

Formed in 1994 by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH), in conjunction with Ricardo Energy & Environment, the EMAQ package was developed to assist local authorities and industry with the emissions monitoring issues brought out in part 1 of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. A series of technical publications was begun in 1994 and has been built up over the years into six volumes encompassing 18 protocols, 10 test methods and 31 industrial processes. From the outset, the publications package has been supplemented by intense one-day training seminars.

Following the duties placed on local authorities to review the quality of ambient air within their area as a result of the Environment Act 1995, an Air Quality management package was developed. In its first year the package provided instructive seminars and written information to support the evolution of knowledge in this area. In the second and subsequent years authoritative advice and guidance was produced to expand and underpin the available information base and to enable local authorities to carry out their statutory duties competently. As with the successful emissions monitoring programme, the written material continues to be supplemented and reinforced by dedicated seminars/workshops addressing specific issues of concern to subscribers. Further endorsing the successful EMAQ model, work began in 2004 to add a third module to the package for the benefit of regulators and others concerned with contaminated land and in particular, it's management under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act 1990. The new module was launched in April 2005 and work continues to develop both its on-line materials and their associated seminar programme. Since its inception in 1994 up to the present day, thousands of delegates have benefited from training in emission monitoring, air quality management and now contaminated land.