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Webinar Essentials of LAQM (2) - Monitoring and Compliance - Webinar
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This seminar will address fundamental issues associated with the practicalities of assessing air quality via measurement. The trainers will facilitate a sharing of knowledge and experience of using passive diffusion tubes to monitor concentrations of ambient nitrogen dioxide. The seminar will cover detailed siting requirements and data quality as well as providing an overview of the precision and accuracy of diffusion tubes. We will include a worked example of a bias adjustment calculation, which is necessary for submitting data to Defra and the Devolved Administrations. This will be followed by drawing on experience of setting up and operating a diffusion tube network. The seminar will provide a review of laboratory inter-comparisons and how to find information on your laboratory’s performance. The trainers will also cover other monitoring techniques, including advice on monitoring particulate matter, and give an overview of the correction model to use; the use of automatic gaseous analysers, how to calibrate them and the data ratification process

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Online Webinar December 2016 -
Trainer: Alan Leonard
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