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Electrification & Ultra Low Emission Vehicle Fleets - 1
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This seminar aims to set out the process to develop and implement a low emission vehicle strategy for Local Authorities. The introduction of Clean Air Zones, increased public awareness of the health impact of emissions from older diesel vehicles and the noticeable shift during 2017 from the purchase of diesel to electric vehicles brings an opportunity for Local Authorities to lead by example on fleet electrification. The introduction to the seminar will include setting out the national policy and strategy background for ULEVs, and examples of how this can support a regional and local strategy. Objective areas will be examined including supporting an integrated network of charge points; increasing understanding of benefits and challenges through the vehicle trials and `drive and ride’ demonstrations working with fleet providers ; explore wider EV mobility such as e-bicycles, e-taxis, e-car clubs; encouraging EV uptake through planning and development policies; consider parking management policies to successfully manage EV parking bays; Work with organisations and local businesses to encourage the uptake of grants to support EVs. Delegates will gain a robust understanding of the issues to be considered and discussion will include good examples of LA EV strategies and action plans.

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