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Essential of Noise 1 - Introduction to Sound and Noise Monitoring
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This seminar marks the commencement of the Essentials of Noise programme. The seminar will deal with the basics of sound propagation, calculations, monitoring and evaluation. This seminar will provide the basis for understanding and assimilation of the more technically complex aspects of regulation and enforcement of noise. The seminar is designed to practical and pragmatic. The focus will be on what regulators need to know to properly evaluate submitted reports and place them into context. It will provide explanations and practical examples of a range of key issues including: • Brief introduction to the basics of sound and the decibel scale • Sound pressure, sound power, sound intensity and common conversion techniques and the uses of each. • Noise parameters and indices and an explanation of their uses and how they are determined. • An understanding of frequency, wavelength, octave and third-octave frequency analysis of noise and the implications for propagation and the implications for control • The variation of hearing sensitivity with frequency and level: A, C and Z weightings explained. • Instrumentation types, uses and standards. Types of sound level meters for measurement of steady noise levels (BS EN 61672-1:2003) • Time weighting (‘Fast’, ‘Slow’, ‘Impulse’ averaging times) and their uses, how they affect measurements • Calibration and conformance testing • Basic calculations in environmental noise, combining and subtracting decibel levels, recompiling of data to produce statistical parameters. • Constructive and destructive interference • Measurement of sound and display of results • Uncertainty • Case studies, BS 7445 Description and measurement of environmental noise. This seminar will provide an opportunity to carry out a number of practical experiments, it will also provide case study examples to illustrate key issues.

Birmingham William Penn Room, Priory Meeting Rooms
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July 2019
Trainer: Tony Higgins, John Shelton
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London Board Room 1&2, Ricardo E&E London Office
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September 2019
Trainer: Tony Higgins, John Shelton
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Leeds Sucette Suite, Novotel Leeds Centre
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Thu 26 Sep 2019
Trainer: Tony Higgins, John Shelton
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