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Essentials of LAQM 4 - Action Planning
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Note: Action Planning

This seminar will examine, in detail, what LAs must do when an AQMA has been declared and improvement action is necessary; it re introduces the requirements to be met and the guidance to be followed. The main sources of emission that impact adversely on AQ will be explained; particular attention will be given to the measures that can be introduced to reduce the emissions from traffic and industry. To be successful action plans must address well defined problems, with specific measures that can be monitored using well established indicators, to demonstrate progress against realistic targets. Progress (or anything hindering progress) needs to be reported to Defra and other stakeholders – the seminar will present examples of good practice to illustrate learning points. The seminar stands alone but can be also undertaken as the fourth module of the new EMAQ ‘Essentials of LAQM’ course - a structured programme of training leading to the Certificate in Local Air Quality Management (LAQM) - which is accredited by the Institute of Air Quality Management (IAQM).

Birmingham William Penn Room, Priory Meeting Rooms
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December 2019
Trainer: Tom Buckland
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