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Webinar: IED Derogation Webinar
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To implement the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED), a rolling work programme continues to develop Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference documents (BREFs) and the associated BAT Conclusions which provide a legal definition of BAT that operators of activities specified in Annex 1 of IED must meet. As Competent Authorities for LA-IPPC ‘Part A2’ installations, Local Authorities have responsibility for transposing BAT Conclusions into environmental permits and/or granting a derogation (and if the latter, justifying the grounds for derogation). In England, the Environment Agency has set a formal process for assessing IED derogations which includes application of a simple cost-benefit analysis (CBA) tool. Other parts of the UK have also adopted the EA process for Part A/Part A1 activities however no such consistent framework for assessing derogations exists across LAs. This webinar is targeted at LA Competent Authorities who may have to consider applications for derogation from the requirements of the BAT Conclusions to explain the actions required of the LA, and to explore existing tools and techniques to assist. It will cover: - Background to the IED and relevant legislation - Experience of derogations to date (both at national and local level) - The potential challenge facing LAs as Competent Authorities - The EA process for assessing derogations and the CBA tool - Using the EA’s CBA tool – functionality, data requirements and limitations

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Online Webinar April 2020 -
Trainer: David Birchby
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