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Webinar: Review, Ratify and Finalise Air Quality Monitoring Data - Summer 2019
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This webinar describes the data management process for continuous air pollutant monitors in support of Local Air Quality Management (LAQM). This includes a discussion of best practices to prevent data quality issues and to identify erroneous data early in the data management process. The webinar also describes the different processes required to convert raw data to ratified data, including data screening, data scaling, data ratification and data review. Practical examples include calculation of an analyser scaling factor, and the application of the volatile correction model (VCM) to PM10 data obtained from TEOM analysers. The webinar focuses on those pollutants of highest concern for local authorities in the UK (NO2, PM10 and PM2.5), however, the principles covered are also applicable to the data management process of other pollutants covered under LAQM.

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Online Webinar July 2019 -
Trainer: Dr Jessica Virdo
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