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Interactive Webinar: Essentials of CLM 3 - Risk Assessment
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When dealing with land contamination, the estimation and evaluation of risk are key components of the risk assessment process that underpins the planning and redevelopment regimes and the Part 2A regime. This course, which focuses on human health risk assessment, will: introduce UK policy and the good practice technical guidance that supports it; cover the basics of human health risk assessment, including the standard exposure pathways and the calculation of the Average Daily Exposure; introduce delegates to toxicology and the related terminology in use when considering land contamination; discuss the use of Generic Assessment Criteria (including the SGVs, the C4SLs and LQM/CIEH S4ULs) in both the planning and Part 2A contexts; outline the four categories of land for human health and controlled waters introduced by the Part 2A Statutory Guidance in 2012; demonstrate the use of the CLEA software and introduce delegates to the CLEA output reports; consider the evaluation of the risk, including any uncertainties that may exist, under the different legislative contexts, and introduce delegate to the assessment of risks to controlled waters under Part 2A of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

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November 2020
Trainer: Richard Ogden - Land Quality Management (LQM), Judith Nathanail
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