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Webinar: SWIPs (Small Waste Incineration Plants)
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This webinar addresses the issue of Small Waste Incineration plant (SWIP) with a focus on EPR Schedule 13 incineration plant which are smaller than the EPR Part A1 threshold. A complicated area of permitting due to the lack of direct statutory guidance. The webinar will define SWIPs with respect to legislation, examine what guidance is currently available & forthcoming and demonstrate what IED provisions are applicable. Small waste incineration plant regulated to meet the minimum requirements of Chapter IV of the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED) have particular requirements for periodic and continuous emission monitoring. The webinar will set out the requirements of IED Chapter IV for monitoring incineration and, where relevant, co-incineration plant. The aim will be to explain what needs to be monitored, allowed relaxation of minimum standards, how monitoring should be undertaken and compliance reporting needs. The crux of the webinar is a practical approach to permitting & regulating SWIP’s, achieved via the examination of a case study and a group exercise & presentation.

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Online Webinar October 2020 -
Trainer: Robert Stewart, Tim Glews
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