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Webinar: Toolbox Talk No. 1 - Low Frequency Noise - Mini Webinar
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“So you have this hum?” How many times has this been a complaint, and how many times has the heart sunk a little as the complainant explains… “Well its sort of a low rumble…” or something similar… Low Frequency Noise is a challenging and difficult thing to identify, evaluate and determine compliance with. During this tool box talk we will look at frequency and noise, and in particular low frequency noise using a planning case study. We will highlight other issues such as when LFN becomes vibration, or the other way around, and also what types of monitoring device can help. We will also look at the key standard NANR45 and its potential use.

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Online Webinar Thu 27 May 2021 - Thu 31 Mar 2022
Trainer: Tony Higgins
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