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Webinar: Essentials of Noise 5 - Preparing and Evaluating Noise Reports - Webinar
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This module will introduce some practical aspects of noise reporting and evaluation and also serve as a quick review of the key aspects of the previous 4 modules, drawing together the materials provided in other modules to evaluate noise reports. The module will be based on review of a number of case study examples. The examples will be provided and delegates will have the opportunity to work through the examples with the guidance of trainers. The module will also focus on the application of noise conditions for use in planning and licensing regulatory controls and provide insight into the construction and use of noise management plans that are key requirement for compliance with many regulatory regimes by providing a number of examples of conditions and an open forum discussion on application of them. This module is of use to anyone who is responsible for preparation or preparation or review of noise reports, or for determination of compliance with legislative requirements. The module will include models and/or interested in proper specification of noise mitigation measures to address noise concerns arising from reports. It will also provide some rules of thumb for evaluation of noise mitigation measures. The course will cover Report contents and preparation (general) Data presentation and analysis > compliance Noise reports (general) Reporting under BS4142:2014 ProPG Safe Systems of work Noise management plans (NMP) Case studies review of example reports, drafting consultation responses, wording of conditions Consistency and management of Noise regulation. Writing enforceable conditions/requirements. Etc.

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Online Webinar Tue 01 Feb 2022 - Mon 14 Feb 2022
Trainer: Tony Higgins
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