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Essentials of PPC 2 - Industrial Process Emissions and Controls
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The purpose of this seminar is to introduce delegates to industrial process emissions, describe their nature and explain the various pollution control techniques that are available. The seminar aims to ensure that delegates can accurately identify the likely pollutants to be considered by a Pollution Prevention and Control permit for those industrial processes falling under Local Authority control. The intention is to provide delegates with an overview of common industrial pollutants affecting air, land, and water, together with their (common) control mechanisms. Also covered will be noise, waste minimisation and energy efficiency, explaining where these ‘pollutants’ figure within the permitting process. A number of tools for assisting in identifying, quantifying and assessing likely pollutant releases to the environment will be discussed, together with how to assess the acceptability of proposed control techniques by using the H1 assessment tool and carrying out Chimney Height calculations. The seminar is a component of the IAQM accredited EMAQ/MJAC Essentials of PPC course, and is part of a structured programme of study and training that provides a thorough overview of PPC for those responsible for the management of environmental permitting. Individual EMAQ/MJAC Essential of PPC seminars are standalone and can be taken individually; all five, together, comprise the Essentials of PPC Training programme that covers the curriculum devised under the auspices of Defra’s Industrial Pollution Liaison Committee in 2006 (updated to reflect new legislation, guidance and Better Regulation) - On completion of the webinar delegates will have a better understanding of: • The nature of the discharges from industrial processes to air, water, and land. • Typical means for their control. • An understanding of noise, energy and waste minimisation. • The tools available to determine a suitable level of control. • A method of assessing BAT for an A(2) installation.

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Tue 01 Mar 2022
Trainer: Robert Stewart
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