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Webinar: Stack Height Calculation webinar - Sept-Dec 2021
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The purpose of this Webinar is to provide an understanding of short term local air quality impacts that may occur in the immediate vicinity of chimneys discharging pollutants mainly from combustion processes. The need to approve the size of the stack remains a legislative requirement under the Clean Air Act and, is assessed in determining permits for Environmental Permitting Regulations activities regulated by Local Authorities. Such calculations are designed to protect local receptors from short term pollutant impacts and nuisance from odorous pollutant exposure. The Webinar uses worked examples to show the basis of the calculation and is designed to enable air quality and planning professionals to have confidence to be able review stack height calculations submitted as part of planning and permit applications. The Webinar presents data that demonstrate that a stack height determined using such calculation procedures (HMIP D1 or Chimney Height Memoranda methods) should ensure compliance with NAQS objectives.

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Online Webinar Tue 07 Sep 2021 - Fri 31 Dec 2021
Trainer: Charlotte Day, Nigel Gibson
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